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Voltes V

Let’s volt in! Play as Steve and save the earth Prince Zardoz and the rest of the Boazanian army! Rescue your teammates: Mark, Big Bert, Jaime, and Little John. Summon Voltes V and use his moves to fight the Boazanian beast fighters. Text VOLTESV to 2600 now.
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Run Run Super V

Run through the city and defend the world from the evil Emperor Negatron and its monsters! Get on your vehicle, have epic robot battles, and be the best Sentai hero when you collect cool gear! Text RUN to 2600 now.
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Kitty Swipe

Serve the cat overlords by obeying their wishes. Swipe left, right, up, and down to grant your cat’s wishes. Lure kitties and get to know their special characteristics. Play daily to increase your chance at winning cool prizes! Text KITTY to 2600 now.
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Dream Defense

Play as the fiercely cute teddy bear and defend Robin from her evil nightmares! Survive until sunrise by shooting creatures that attack during the nighttime. Strategize with cool weapons, power-ups, and upgrades to help Robin enjoy a good night’s sleep! Text DREAM to 2600 now.
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Prove that you’re the biggest Aldub fan by helping Alden make his way towards Yaya Dub’s heart! Guide him in crossing the busy streets of Manila. Avoid obstacles and keep an eye out for mystery boxes to get a chance on winning special prizes. Text ALDUB to 2600 now.
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Starting December 28, 2018, Smart360 web and app will no longer be available.

No worries! You can still purchase video access and game pins via Smart and Gamex website links below: