Free Games and Apps

Chums Live

Chums Live is the first Filipino social network platform that allows you to interact with talented online Chummies. With highly innovative features, Chums Live gives you a wide selection of shows like singing, dancing, cooking, tutorials and many more. At the same time, viewers can be Chummy and engage with their favorite Chummies by sharing comments and sending gifts.


FLAMES is a popular nineties compatibility calculator that predicts the future relationship between two people by analyzing their names. 90’s kids will surely feel nostalgic while playing FLAMES, but for the youngsters let this simple yet fun game help you calculate the chances of scoring the heart of your crush.

Umbra: Anino sa Dilim

UMBRA is an arcade game based from the iWantTV series. The game will remind the users of colorful and horrifying mythical creatures that once owned those creepy sleepless nights, even before technology kicked in. Prepare yourself to run, fight and be creeped out by different storylines that the game offers. It's surely entertaining and will leave you asking for more!

Info Center

Info Center offers personally curated news, hand-picked interesting and best stories from thousands of sources, including newspapers, tabloids, magazines, blogs, and social networks. Different interests such as current news, government, showbiz, sports and even Lotto tips and Lotto result. Makibalita na sa iba’t ibang panig ng Pilipinas. Ito ay para sa mga Pinoy, nasa loob o labas man ng bansa.


Eva is the easiest way to track your period. It tracks period cycle, ovulation days, and possible days to get pregnant. It marks the date of menstrual cycle and predict the next one. Eva also has a widget that shows the number of days that you have your period and the remaining days before your next cycle.